Sponsored Research Program Opportunities (Industry and Governments)

The Institute of Fluorescence, IoF, is happy to discuss sponsored programs with both Federal and Industrial parties. We have a history of developing cutting edge technologies for our sponsors. Sponsored Program costs are dependent on both the expertise required and the length of program etc. A University indirect cost rate of 50.0 % applies to all sponsored programs.

The typical cost for an average-experience postdoctoral researcher for 1 year is $115,500 + supplies, + PI time (minimum 5 % effort). Supply costs can vary considerably from $10,000 usd upwards depending on the scope of research.

Postdoctoral Researcher Breakdown = (55,000 salary, 22,000 fringe, + 38,500 University indirect cost rate).

The flow diagram outlines the procedure for sponsored programs. The interested party should first contact Dr Geddes to discuss the feasibility and timing of a potential sponsored program. A scope of work and tentative budget are then agreed upon between the company and the IoF. The proposed program is then submitted to the University (UMBI) by the director. Subsequently, the University and the company generate a contract for the research program. This contract will include details such as: Mi lestones, Deliverab les, Payment terms and Intellectual Property etc. After all details are finalized and contracts signed, the work can commence in the IoF. The whole process, from start-to completion of contracts, usually takes 1-2 months.

For discussions about Sponsored Programs, please contact the director directly.