The IoF prides itself on its many collaborations undertaken yearly with Industry, Academia and Government. Collaborations are research programs where 2 or more parties are intellectually involved in the research. Outcomes to collaborations usually results in peer reviewed publications and/or the generation of Intellectual Property, where the research is typically funded by an external federal/non-federal funding agency.

Individuals and companies interested in collaborating with the IoF should first contact the Director to discuss timing, instrumentation availability and interest in the program at:

Dr. Chris D. Geddes, (Professor)
Director: The Institute of Fluorescence
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
The Columbus Center
701 East Pratt Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202, USA
Prof. Geddes' Office: (410) 576-5723
Main IoF Office: (410) 576-5724
Publication Office: (410) 576-5721
Main Lab: (410) 576-5720
Fax: (410) 576-5722