The Institute of Fluorescence is continually seeking outstanding individuals with a strong academic background to join Dr. Geddes' team. Positions are frequently available for entry at both Faculty and Postdoctoral level. Adminstrative positions are also routinly posted.

Individuals are encouraged to apply ad-hoc at any time with expertise in:

  1. Cellular Imaging.
  2. Plasmonics: Metal-Fluorophore Interactions (Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence), Surface Plasmon Coupled Fluorescence and Surface Plasmon Coupled Emission.
  3. Fluorescence Sensing.
  4. Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Photophysics.
  5. Fluorescence Correlation and Single Molecule Spectroscopy.
  6. Finite Difference Time Domain Calculations
  7. Microwave Spectroscopy and the use of microwaves in biology and Medicine.
  8. The synthesis of metallic nanoparticles.
  9. Nanofabrication, Lithography, NSOM, and AFM.
  10. The synthesis of fluorescent probes, quantum dots and Carbon nanodots.
  11. Theoretical Finite-Difference Time Domain e-field simulations.
  12. Data fitting, deconvolution analysis.

Potential candidates should send a full CV, publication list, and arrange to have at least 3 letters of recommendation sent to the IoF director, Professor Chris D. Geddes

Positions Currently Posted

Administration Position, Financial Business Manager, (Posted October 9th 2011).

Postdoctoral Position in Fluorescence Spectroscopy (First Posted May 8th 2011, still open Oct 9th 2011).

Postdoctoral Position in Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence / Plasmonics (First Posted May 8th 2011, still open Oct 9th 2011).